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                             A NEW TREK is a new show coming!   

                            IT'S NOT STAR TREK, IT'S A NEW TREK!   

This is at the beginning! And "A NEW TREK" products for sale already! Help fund the work on the show by buying these products and at the same time getting totally new Starship things!   

                  "A NEW TREK" will have totally new everything!    

Do you remember at the beginning of STAR TREK, when they had flames coming out from the rear of the Starship? What if you could have gotten totally new STAR TREK stuff in perfect condition in the very early days of STAR TREK? Now it's sort of like that with a totally new show! For example, check out this totally gorgeous
"A NEW TREK" mug! For a limited time, destined to be a collector's item!   

Look at this gorgeous STARSHIPS mug!
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